Tommy Jeans x Looney Tunes

Tommy Jeans


Uniting two icons of pop culture in a unique AR experience

In spring 2020, two icons of modern pop culture were united as Tommy Jeans released a Looney Tunes collection in collaboration with Warner Bros. In association with the launch campaign, Adventure Club created a unique, interactive AR experience to hype this special collection.

Inspired by the playful Looney Tunes duos and iconic environments, the interactive AR effects bring together clever storytelling and creative AR technology, providing entertainment and engagement among Tommy Jeans’ tech-savvy audience.

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Adventure Club was asked to help Tommy Jeans increase awareness and create hype among the brand's target audience. Inspired by the playful Looney Tunes characters and iconic scenes, our goal was to create two immersive, interactive AR effects; one for hyping the upcoming collaboration and another for driving desire towards the collection itself.


Given the tech-driven nature of the project; design and development were performed iteratively. Thanks to the visual interface and live testing feature of Facebook’s AR software, our cross-national team was able to collaboratively build and refine the effects in real time. Trying out our prototypes directly on the social platform allowed us to optimise and validate adjustments and as we progressed.


What we did

Kicking off with an ideation sprint founded on four design principles, our concept started taking shape. Inspired by the competitive, yet unbreakable bond that define the Tunes so well, we wanted allow the user to be part of an iconic duo themselves, together with Bugs Bunny.

As we developed and refined our narratives, the scenes and environments started taking shape. Most of our 2D assets and animations were created in Photoshop, After Effects and Blender, and pre-compressed in After Effects, while aiming for the ideal optimisation of quality and file size.


Hosting entertaining scenes and playful interactions between the user and Bugs Bunny, the two AR effects bring together clever storytelling and innovative use of AR technology and 2D animations.

The post-launch effect, which showcases key products from the collection in an iconic Looney Tunes environment, received nearly 150,000 impressions and over 5000 captures on Instagram during the first month.

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