Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton SP20

Tommy Hilfiger


Discover through engagement

Adventure Club created a consistent branding experience for the entire Lewis collection from Tommy Hilfiger. The collection was designed for unisex consumers and was rolled out globally in three individual phases.
During these phases users were offered to play mini puzzle games and collect keys that enabled them to discover exclusive content within the collection.

An addition to the collection featured Lewis collaborating with RnB singer H.E.R. on a micro-capsule collection. Both collections co-existed on the landing page, with the exclusive H.E.R. collection being gradually phased in. The full range of the capsule was revealed at the bi-annual fashion show, TommyNow, dedicated that year to Lewis Hamilton.



Tease the new collection and engage users in its discovery through a new interactive gamified mechanism. Introduce and showcase the visually complementary universe of H.E.R's micro-capsule collection in the experience.


An experience based on the notion of exploration and discovery, directly inspired by the campaign imagery. After a teasing phase users were engaged in exploring the page to discover and save their favourite pieces and unlock additional exclusive content by solving interactive puzzles. Then the whole page went into "night mode" revealing H.E.Rs' collection. Playing with the acronym H.E.R (Having Everything Revealed) we hid some visual details of the collection in the background that could only be revealed while hovering over them, with the mouse cursor acting like a blacklight.


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