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Using seismic data to give a voice to the volcano Katla

Netflix partnered with us to market its first Icelandic Netflix Original, Katla – by turning the volcano’s activity data into music. The Voice of Katla is both a beautiful tribute to Icelandic nature and artistry – and a creative expression of the interplay between technology and art.

CONCEPT Adventure Club/Reaktor Creative
ART DIRECTION Adventure Club
MUSIC Högni Egilsson

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What is hidden will be revealed

Katla is set in the harrowingly beautiful scenery of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland. A year after the initial eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla, the few remaining inhabitants of the local community contend with the secrets emerging from the volcano’s crevasses. To promote the series, Netflix asked us to set out to create a campaign that both honors the eerie atmosphere of the series and brings global audiences to its source: Icelandic nature and folklore.


The charm of the series comes from our attraction towards the supernatural. Icelandic nature and its mysteries, revealing something hidden within ourselves. We reveal Katla’s hidden emotions and persona by turning data collected from Katla into musical soundscapes that are performed in a concert. Katla is part composer, part conductor and its emotions are channeled through a lead singer and vocal ensemble.

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From underneath the glacier emerges an expression of science and creativity.

To connect with Katla’s spirit, the famous Icelandic songwriter and composer Högni Egilsson together with the country’s leading earthquake hazards coordinator Kristin Jonsdottir have done a deep dive to Katla’s volcanic activity data.

Composed by Katla

Inside Katla, there are several active areas that have their own earthquake frequency. These frequencies were taken and transformed into musical expressions. The volcanic activity is actually a conversation between these areas – different voices inside Katla. The singers of the Icelandic vocal ensemble Cantoque will be giving their voices to areas inside the volcano, to create the complex, harmonic sound of nature.

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