The Fabricant Digital fashion manifesto

The Fabricant


The Pledge - Fabricant's manifesto for a digital fashion future

The Pledge is an expression of The Fabricants digital fashion manifesto, a vision of a new "Digital Renaixance" where creators become the tastemakers, curators and patrons of each others' work and where everyone has the opportunity to become an influential fashion force.


AdventureClub and Reaktor have collaborated to conceive and develop this interactive manifesto in part of a larger effort to bring The Fabricants vision of a digital fashion metaverse to life.


Visitors who were drawn to join the movement would discover the 4 key engagements of the Fabricant's manifesto in an "open-world" type of navigation. Users were then asked to take the pledge and commit to co-creating the future of fashion. The manifesto was also poured into sharable snippets featuring a gender neutral voice-over to assist in spreading the message and grow the community.


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